10 things to like about us

1. We’re naked all the way

We’re 100% organic and carbon neutral, preservative free for over a decade; keeping the nasties out of our earth and your insides.

2. We spill the beans

We are one of only a few Australian wineries to be both dedicated organic and carbon neutral, but it’s our goal to see ALL wine made sustainably. There’s nothing that brightens up our day more than when we’re able to work with other wineries to shore up a bright, clear agricultural future. David Bruer loves sharing his technical secrets with industry peers (you’ve never seen such a big grin!).

3. We lived through the 70’s man

We purchased our first vineyard at Langhorne Creek in 1973 and made our first wine in 1980 - Cabernet Merlot. We’ve learnt a thing or two; like, it’s hard to pick grapes in flares. (Can you dig it?)

4. Flower power 

Our A-grade organic vineyards (certified by NASAA) are in Langhorne Creek, Eden Valley and the Riverland. We were first certified as organic in 1995.

5. Third cab off the rank

After being dared by his wife Barb in 2006, David Bruer skipped the sulphur dioxide (SO2) and created Australia’s third preservative free wine — also  a  Cabernet Merlot (there’s a theme here). Sure, this fun fact would have sounded more impressive if it was the first cab, but we could never lie to you.

6. We’re trying new things

In 2017 we experimented in the vineyard, the winery and the lab to bring you nine new wines and a new small-batch range in 2018 - The Agonist. We waved goodbye to our logo of 31 years to make way for our brand new look.

7. Our people are sunshine

We’re a small team, named after famous popstars. David, Michael, Kate, Verity, James, Monica, Kylie, Barrie, Darren, Andrew, Geoff, Chicken and Lola.

8. Cradle to gate

We’ve been carbon neutral since 2011 through generating renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint. It’s not enough to just reduce our emissions — we need to actively suck CO2, out of the atmosphere.

9. We know weed

In 2013 we were the first in Australia to plant Arundo Donax to harvest CO2 — this special weed captures more CO2 than any other plant. In its biochar form, one tonne of this magical matter can capture four tonne of CO2!

10. We love the planet 

We’re proud to work with Canopy to be carbon neutral. Together we’ve improved cooking facilities in Thai villages, which then in turn reduced throat cancer amongst local women. We’re currently helping indigenous communities develop their land’s carbon potential. Our wines are good for you and the earth you’re standing on.


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