This May, say yes way, Rosé. (Hooray!)

The May of Rosé #themayofrosé

Enough is enough. We can't bear to watch this tragic tale go on for any longer.

Friends, now is the time to love, honour and adore rosé. 

Rosé isn't just a summer fling. Sure, she's pretty and sweet (sometimes a little too much!). She makes a great date for the beach, a lazy lunch or a balmy barbecue. She's easy company when the sun is shining.

Once upon a time rosé was the belle of the ball and then, when daylight savings ended, she had to sit alone on the shelf, forgotten. She's dressed in pink, waiting to be asked to dance. Waiting for him to text her back. But he just wasn't that into her.

Our rosé is one we'd like to keep around in Autumn. In fact, all year round. And yes, we'd definitely bring her home to meet the parents. 

Our 2016 Wildflowers of Eden Preservative Free Rosé is made in a dry style, which makes her a dream to throw into all sorts of food situations - light brunches, spicy food, slow-cooked meals - the works. As well as being preservative free, our Wildflowers of Eden Rosé is 100% organic and carbon neutral.

So whaddya say, will you say yes way to rosé?

Things you can do to help us celebrate The May of Rosé: