Wish yourself a Happy Mother's Day.

It's okay! The May of Rosé will raise* Mother's Day.

Sometimes Mother's Day is absolute perfection. And sometimes it ain't all it's cracked up to be. Whether you've received something ugly from the school craft stall or maybe nobody made your day special at all - we'd like to help put a smile on your face. 

We're giving away The May of Rosé prize pack worth $450, including a dozen Temple Bruer Wines Wildflowers of Eden Rosé, a dozen roses and a handmade Katia Carletti ceramic delivered to your door.

We're also giving away a twin-pack of Rosé every day for the rest of May.

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*When we say "raise Mother's Day", we're not dissing your husband or your kids, we just know that sometimes Mother's Day can be rather predictable - cold toast, a pair of slippers and a sink full of dishes. And even if your day was practically perfect in every way, we hope this will be the icing on your  Mother's Day cake.

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