We keep the nasties out.

Temple Bruer lives and dies by reverence for the grape, and reverence for the wine lover. Preservative-free means our wines meet the European Union standard for creating wine without the need for chemical preservatives. 

Many wineries use a helper in the form of sulfur dioxide (So2), an agent that stops the wine from oxygenating - essentially slowing down the wine's ageing process. So2 naturally occurs in all wines but in very small amounts. It’s only when larger amounts are added to extend the life of the wine that we begin to see the effects of a preservative-ridden wine.  

Thanks to our bottling technologies, we’ve been able to replace sulfur dioxide with attention to detail. We can ensure minimal oxygen interacts with the wine and create a product that is as fresh as possible, without unwelcome preservatives that can cause harm to your ‘temple’.