Wines that don't cost the earth.

Temple Bruer Organic Wines - Wines that don't cost the earth

We look in

Your body is your temple and so organic and preservative-free wines are the aims of our game. Keeping the nasties out of our earth and your insides. In our vineyards, we only use natural methods to make sure our soil is fertile and we carry this ethos through until bottling, which also produces a better-balanced wine. Less handling overall, within the beautiful process of winemaking, means not only does it taste better, but it's better for your body. 

We look ahead

We’re on a mission, to go beyond our current carbon neutrality balance, to make our winemaking practice even better for the land that we rely upon. 

Our aim is for Temple Bruer to be carbon neutral in its own right by 2020. We’re striving to achieve this through increasing our generation of renewable electricity through a combination of solar. We’ve invested in a pyrolysis kiln, used to turn green waste into biochar. In the off chance you’re not the weed nerds that we are, wink wink - biochar is created from the growth and harvest of a humble little weed going by the name of Arundo Donax. In its biochar form, one tonne of this magical matter can captures four tonne of Co2 - an achievement that never fails to amaze us.

Continuing to search for further savings and participating in the federal government’s carbon farming initiative. These are only a few of the ways we are dedicated to further reducing our footprint in anyway possible.

So far, we've achieved our carbon neutrality status by measuring our carbon footprint through a cradle-to-gate lifecycle analysis. We measure how much Co2 is produced from all of our processes, even including the product’s purchase as well as those performed by our team up until the wine is sold. 

We are self-audited and then verified by Canopy, an Australian initiative helping companies develop carbon offset programs. We work with Canopy to contribute money to environmental and socially sustainable programs, which give us carbon credits to offset the small portion that we haven’t achieved solo. Yet. 

But we’re raising our glass to a clean future. 

We look out

We’re not gonna lie – we’re pretty proud of what we’ve achieved so far. But we know we still have some way to go to achieve our dream: carbon neutrality without the purchase of offsets.  

But as we work toward this goal, it keeps us happy to know that these offsets provide environmental, social and economic benefits to people around the world.  

From helping establish programs helping indigenous communities develop their land’s carbon potential to helping improve cooking facilities in Thai villages, which then in turn reduced throat cancer amongst local women, we are proud to be involved in the very worthy initiatives supported by Canopy (see more about Canopy’s very important work at