12 Days of Christmas - I see red pack

12 Days of Christmas - I see red pack

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As part of Brand South Australia's 12 Days of Christmas campaign. we're offering this triple-pack that'll have your back in any festive situation. 

With a rosé, shiraz malbec and pinot noir under your arm, you'll be ready to tackle it all.

See red as you untangle fairy lights. See red as you secure a Santa hat to a dog's head (it's actually very difficult!). See red when you're stuck talking to Rodney the red-nosed relative. Christmas can be so much fun! **Enter YAYWINE at checkout to receive 20% discount**

I see red pack 

1 x 2017 Cinsault Grenache Shiraz Rosé - Preservative Free

What’s that old adage? Beauty is in the mouth of the rosé drinker? Yes. That’s the one. And that’s certainly how we’d surmise this pretty petal. You’ll be smelling watermelon ice blocks, tasting hints of chic French lemon tart, and feeling, well, absolutely besotted with this delightfully dry rosé. Good with a laksa, even better with a lover.

1 x 2017 Shiraz Malbec - Preservative Free

It’s a big loud world. Some days we need to feel safe, curled up under a cosy blanket, soothed by self-saucing pudding. Switch off, switch it all off dear ones. Settle in for soft lights and velvet nights; quiet violet, spice and plum. Just like your favourite t-shirt, we’ve got your back.

1 x 2017 Pinot Noir - Preservative Free

Light and bright. Think soft juicy strawberries, plump sour cherries and enough of that classic, earthy aroma to keep things interesting. One sip, and you’ll be raisin’ your glass to the heavens. Everybody will tell you to serve this with Daffy Duck, but we think she shines with a side of stuffed ‘shrooms.

Organic | Preservative Free | Carbon Neutral | Vegan Friendly