NV Sparkling Twin Pack - Low Preservative

NV Sparkling Twin Pack - Low Preservative

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Think of these two as twin sisters - it's pretty hard to pick a favourite and if you do, beware the green-eyed monster! To keep everybody happy, we've packaged them up for you in a neat little twin-pack. 



One of the world's few truly organic sparkling wines, this spiffy fizzy is bubble, bubble toil and troubled from a surprising blend of chenin blanc and viognier. We picked those baby grapes early and kept the fruit oh-so-cool before pressing. Yep, the finish is fresh, zesty and exciting. Yep, the bead is fine and persistent. Tastes like waking up on a private yacht to a plate of profiteroles with Childish Gambino singing Redbone in his leather pants, for you alone. 


So this is Christmas... and what have you done? Good question, Mr Lennon.

Maybe nobody loves you. Maybe you're down and out. Maybe you've been too busy making other plans.

It's okay.  All you need is this peace-making low preservative sparkling red (and love) to imagine all the people you can share the world with. Organic shiraz and malbec become festive fizzy friends -  they'll beckon you with cinnamon spice, seduce you with oozing blackberry tart and surprise you with a clean, balanced finish before you can say 'you're the one!' 

Organic | Low Preservative | Carbon Neutral | Vegan Friendly