Certified Organic

Certified Organic

We do sustainable, organically - because damned be the day we can no longer ask the earth for the grapes that give us our beloved drop. 

Temple Bruer demands a standard that shores up our bright and clear agricultural future by using sustainable and organic practices with out the use of synthetic or artificially produced chemicals including insecticides, herbicides, fertilisers or GMOs throughout our grape growing and winemaking processes.

Certified Organic for over 25 years, we only use natural methods to protect our grapes and ensure our soil is rich and fertile. We make our own composts and bio-char, and grow cover crops of legumes for nitrogen and cereals for organic matter. By keeping it simple and reducing cultivation we encourage all the microorganisms to do their thing.

Fungal diseases are handled using Ecocarb (an organic alternative to fungicide) and vegetable oil and insect pests are food for predators. The native vegetation surrounding our vineyards provide habitats for many of them. We even have our own flocks of Guineafowl to keep the little bugs under control.

We are proud to tell everyone that this can be done, we are doing it, and have been since 1996!