We believe in protecting our lands for future generations so we’re on a mission to go beyond carbon neutrality, to make our vineyard, winery and wine practices even better for the land that we rely upon. Our aim is for Temple Bruer to be Carbon NET Zero or even better Carbon Positive. 

We’re striving to achieve this through increasing our generation of renewable electricity through a combination of solar initiatives such as a solar bore pump, no more diesel generators. Improving our winery hot water system to use heat recovery from the refrigeration system. We’ve invested in a pyrolysis kiln, used to turn green waste into biochar.

In the off chance you’re not the weed nerds that we are, biochar is created from the growth and harvest of a humble little weed going by the name of Arundo Donax, well its actually a giant weed, and grows incredibly fast! In its biochar form, one tonne of this magical matter can captures nearly four tonne of CO2 - an achievement that never fails to amaze us.  So we've planted a whole bunch of it at our various vineyards to suck all those nasties out of the air we breathe.

We measure our carbon footprint through a cradle-to-gate lifecycle analysis, we measure how much CO2 is produced from all of our processes, even including products purchased as well as actions performed by our team, all the way up to when our wine is sold. We continue to search for further savings and participate in the federal government’s carbon farming initiative.

These are only a few of the ways we are dedicated to further reducing our footprint in anyway possible.

Let's join together and raising our glass to a clean future!