Certified Organic

We do sustainable, organically. Because damned be the day we can no longer ask the earth for the grapes that give us our beloved drop. 

Since 1996, Temple Bruer has proudly demonstrated that sustainable, organic winemaking is not just a possibility but a reality. We firmly believe that our connection to the earth is essential for producing the exceptional grapes that yield our beloved wines. For over 25 years, we've upheld a stringent standard that secures a bright and sustainable future for agriculture. Our commitment entails abstaining from synthetic or artificially produced chemicals, including insecticides, herbicides, fertilisers, and GMOs, throughout both our grape growing and winemaking processes.

Our organic certification underscores our dedication to employing only natural methods to safeguard our grapes and nurture our soil's richness and fertility. We prioritise simplicity by making our composts and bio-char, cultivating cover crops of legumes for nitrogen enrichment, and cereals for organic matter. By minimising cultivation, we foster an environment where beneficial microorganisms thrive and contribute to our ecosystem's health.

To manage fungal diseases, we utilise Ecocarb, an organic alternative to conventional fungicides. Additionally, we embrace a natural approach to pest control by allowing insect pests to become sustenance for native predators, many of which find refuge in the surrounding native vegetation. Our commitment extends even further with the introduction of Guineafowl flocks, which help keep insect populations in check.