Preservative Free

Temple Bruer's ethos is centred on revering the grape and the wine lover alike. We create organic, sustainable wines with minimal intervention and additives.  

What is Preservative FreeWhy Preservative Free? | How do we do it? 

Many wineries rely on a chemical in the form of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), an agent that helps to stop wine from oxygenating and to extend its shelf life. However, the use of SO2 can lead to pesky side effects in wine drinkers (red wine headache, anyone?).  

Where possible, we strive to produce wines without the need for chemical preservatives. Through our advanced winery and bottling technologies, we've managed to eliminate the use of SO2 by prioritising meticulous attention to detail throughout the winemaking process.

Our innovative processes result in Preservative Free wines with undetectable SO2 levels. These wines are certified by the Australian Wine Research Institute as having no detectable SO2

Why Preservative Free?

Temple Bruer's journey towards Preservative Free wines began in 2006 when Barbara Bruer challenged her husband David Bruer to make a wine without SO2, questioning the necessity of its use with the theory: "If we don't need it, why use it?"

David produced two versions of a Cabernet Merlot using the same fruit: one was Preservative Free, while the other was barrel-aged with SO2. Throughout the year, they compared the two wines and found that although both were good, they greatly preferred the purity of the fruit of the Preservative Free wine.

The concept of commercially producing wine without SO2 was so unprecedented at the time that David had to sign a bottling agreement, stipulating that he wouldn't sue the bottling hall if the wine spoiled (spoiler, it didn't!).

Our Preservative Free journey continued with the release of a Preservative Free Shiraz in 2010, and only grew from there. Currently, we offer 10 varieties of Preservative Free wines, including recent additions such as a Cuvée Brut in 2021, as well as a Grenache and Cabernet Shiraz Mataro in 2022.

So, how do we do it?

At the heart of our vineyards and winemaking lies a steadfast commitment to high-quality, flavourful, and clean fruit. Year round, we prioritise nurturing and enhancing the flavour and quality of our fruit in the vineyards. Our wines showcase the pure essence of the fruit itself, rather than any additives.

Next, and just as important, is our philosophy "less is more." We strongly believe in minimal intervention, striving to do as little as possible with the fruit to preserve its purity and sense of place. By starting with exceptional fruit, we minimise the need for manipulation, allowing us to make stunning wines that truly reflect their terroir.

Some varieties lend themselves better to a Preservative Free style. We ensure we pick the right varieties to honour the fruit in this style. Harvest timing is crucial in this process, as we aim to pick grapes that are perfectly balanced, with optimal sugar levels, known as Baumé, ensuring the best expression of the fruit in our wines.

Further, most wines from other wineries contain naturally occurring Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) from the fermentation process. To minimise this, we choose yeast strains with the lowest SO2 production. 

We also maintain meticulous cleanliness standards in both our vineyards and winery to prevent any harmful microbes from contaminating or entering our wine. Our exceptional team also closely monitors the extraction of tannins during and after fermentation to prevent any harshness that would need to be aged out of the wine.

Finally, we've invested in state-of-the-art gassing, transport, and bottling systems to ensure minimal oxygen exposure throughout the wine production process.