At Temple Bruer, we're deeply committed to safeguarding our lands for future generations.

That's why we've embarked on a mission to surpass mere carbon neutrality, aiming instead for Carbon NET Zero or even achieving Carbon Positive status.

We’re striving to achieve this through increasing our generation of renewable electricity through a combination of solar initiatives such as installing a solar bore pump, eliminating the need for diesel generators. We're also enhancing our winery's hot water system to utilise heat recovery from the refrigeration system. Further, our investment in a pyrolysis kiln allows us to convert green waste into biochar.

We've even cultivated Arundo Donax, a fast-growing weed, specifically for biochar production, as each tonne of biochar can sequester nearly four tonnes of CO2 - an achievement that never fails to amaze us. So we've planted a whole bunch of this humble little weed at our various vineyards to suck all those nasties out of the air we breathe.

We evaluate our carbon footprint through a cradle-to-gate lifecycle analysis, measuring the CO2 emissions from all aspects of our operations, including purchased products and team activities, up to the point of sale. We actively seek out further opportunities for emission reductions and participate in the governmental initiatives like the carbon farming initiative.

These efforts represent just a glimpse of our dedication to minimising our carbon footprint in every conceivable way. Together, let's toast to a cleaner, more sustainable future!