Across the decades, we have seen an extraordinary journey of growth in our Langhorne Creek winery.
Temple Bruer's winery was built in 1979, just in time for the 1980 Vintage. Over the following eight years, we gradually expanded the facility. In 1990, a second shed was added, effectively doubling the winery's size. Over the subsequent five years, we installed 7-8 tonne fermentors, steadily increasing our capacity to 200 tonnes.
A significant milestone was reached in 2000 with a major expansion, featuring the addition of three 25-tonne fermentors and 180,000 liters of storage tanks. This upgrade catapulted our capacity to 500 tonnes. An airbag press was also acquired for the 2000 vintage, replacing the previous use of two stainless steel basket presses.
As we continued to grow, we steadily incorporated more fermentors and tanks, culminating in a crushing capacity of 600 tonnes by 2020. To accommodate this expansion, a large storage shed measuring 20x60 meters was erected in 2007, providing ample space for our ever-evolving operations.