The May of Rosé #themayofrosé


The May of Rosé #themayofrosé

Enough is enough. We can't bear to watch this tragic tale go on for any longer.

Friends, now is the time to love, honour and adore rosé. 

Rosé isn't just a summer fling. Sure, she's pretty, or sweet (sometimes a little too much!). She makes a great date for the beach, a lazy lunch or a balmy barbecue. She's easy company when the sun is shining.

Things you can do to help us celebrate The May of Rosé:

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      2017 Christmas Cellar Clearance

      So it's Christmas and we've realised we've been ho ho hoarding some previous vintages and it's time for us to let it go (and pass it on to you).

      We have dozens from $30.

      Organic, preservative free and low preservative wines. All sorts of varieties and blends. Maximum 10 dozen per person.

      As this is a ridgy didge, true blue shed sale, we're not able to organise online sales or delivery - you'll need to physically come to Langhorne Creek to purchase and collect. 


      New Arrivals

      New Arrivals

      Take a look at our new labels illustrated by Harry Slaghekke.

      October 2017 Cellar Clearance

      October 2017 Cellar Clearance

      'Garage Sale' 'Out with the old and in with the new' 'Spring cleaning' 'Embracing minimalism' - call it what you like, we're selling some wine on this October weekend. 



      Rosé for your Mum.

      Rosé for your Mum.

      What’s that old adage? Beauty is in the mouth of the rosé drinker? Yes. That’s the one.