Mataro Grape

Originally a Spanish varietal, the Monastrell grape found its second home in the Rhône Valley, where it is referred to by the French as Mourvèdre. Journeying Down Under in the 1800s, it was affectionately embraced as Mataro. Regardless of what you call it, this grape plays a pivotal role as a blending maestro in red wine production.

Our story takes us to the Riverland, where Mataro grapes, dressed in their thick skin, flourish in the sun-soaked conditions. Mataro's resilient spirit is on full display across all four of our Riverland vineyards, with our oldest Mataro block standing tall since the 1940s  a true testament to time. 

Now, let's talk flavour. Mataro is known for its unparalleled intensity. Think of the rich hues, bold tannins, and enchanting red fruit and spice flavours found in our Cabernet Shiraz Mataro and Mataro Shiraz Grenache. Complement these bold and robust wines with hearty, full-flavored red meats, or perhaps seek comfort in a warming vegetable stew.

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